7 rules for experiments with sex positions

7 rules for experiments with sex positionsWe’ve already mentioned that the best sex positions are those which suit best you and your partner. You will not learn about these positions in fashionable magazines and web-papers – you will need to choose these sex positions by yourself. Right about it we are going to talk now, and exactly about how to experiment with poses with the purpose to determine the best ones for you and your partner. Let’s study 7 important rules, which will help you with that.

  • All your actions must be conscious. As the man takes active role in most cases, that is he who must understand and imagine clearly what and why he needs to do. If the man wants to satisfy his woman, all his actions must be conscious and motivated. By choosing one or another position, the man must understand what vagina areas to manipulate and with what intensity, whether he will stimulate clitoris at that or not and so on. And to understand it all you need to learn the following rule.
  • Knowledge of how female genitals are organized. The man, pretending to the title of a lover, must be sexually competent and be good at the following questions:
    • how female genitals are organized;
    • where is the clitoris and how to find it;
    • organization and anatomy of vagina;
    • main sensitive areas of vagina and so on.

    All that allows the man being more effective in sex and satisfy the girl with greater pleasure.

  • Everything of genius is simple— many people think, that the more complex position is, the more pleasure it gives. But that is not true. In fact, in most cases, everything of genius is simple. The simplest sex position may be the most pleasant as for her, as for him. The main thing is to determine the most sensual areas of the woman’s vagina and to understand what pose will ensure their stimulation.
  • If something is unpleasant, stop — good sex is when pleasure get both, him and her. That is why, before trying something new, discuss with your partner the question, that if something is uncomfortable or unpleasant, you will say about that and will change the position.
  • Don’t make conclusions from the first try — every person’s body is not static, it always changes the state, that’s why reaction of the body to the same stimulation or caress can differ in two different cases. It is especially characteristic to women who always experience different feelings in the same pose under influence of the constantly changing endocrine profile.
  • Change position as you see fit — don’t try to perform exactly everything according to the image. Adapt positions to you, to your abilities and needs. Perform everything to make you and your partner feel comfortable and pleasant, and nothing else matters. Sometimes, you change the penetration angle and feelings change. That is why, try, experiment and find an optimal solution for yourself.
  • Complicate positions gradually — you should not try complicated positions when there are a lot of easier sex positions which you have not tried yet. Go from easy to more complicated but not vice versa. You should remember that sex must bring you pleasure but not traumas. Complicate poses as far as your experience grows.
  • Communicate with your partner — No! Of course not during sex!) Though sometimes, it will be even useful to ask: «Does it feel good?» or «Do you feel comfortable?». When your partner hears that he/she will understand that you care. But you shouldn’t talk too much! You shouldn’t bother you partner with these question every minute. You can discuss the position you tried after getting to the Earth after another your pleasant mutual flight!)) While lying and hugging with enjoying delightful aftertaste of sex, you may ask what your partner liked and what not. Maybe you could change something and so on.

Thus, after some time, you can understand which positions suit you and your partner best.


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